Written for Casting Networks News by Terry Berland @berlandcasting.
Photo credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

There is no better time of the year than now to reflect, define your goals, feel empowered and motivated to move forward with renewed enthusiasm.

You can actually use 2022 to sort out and find ways to create a more fulfilling 2023. You just came off of a busy time of the year balancing your career, auditions and bookings, in addition to the added stress of preparing for the holidays. Now, as a working actor (read “What Defines A Working Actor”) you are under pressure to find renewed motivation to figure out a strategy to fulfill your expectations for the new year.

If finding a way to move forward with the right decisions sounds overwhelming and confusing, you are not alone. As many auditions and learning opportunities have moved to the internet eliminating boundaries you have a plethora of choices, no matter where you live.

If you fall into the category of not knowing how to start making the best moves to strategically better yourself, a great way to look at your individual situation is to use the list making method.

How? Let’s get started. Make several lists of categories, such as:

1) Your end goals. If you have some at this time write them down. If you don’t, have no concerns, you will see them at the end of the process.

2) What you achieved this year. Include even the smallest achievement. You can hone it down in another step. Then literally cross out what you’ve finished to indicate that the task is completed. It’s amazing how seeing that a task is completed helps decrease stress and is powerfully motivating.  

3) What you might consider a failure. It’s important to look at this list and recognize what you learned from it. Write down the lesson it taught you. I assure you will no longer see failure.

4) What you want to do. This to-do list is where you would include your 2022 list that has not yet been completed. If some goals on your list are, for instance, to excel in commercials or voice over or start getting into the theatrical world (film and television), start making sublists of classes to take, or ClubHouse groups, what social media to follow or organizations to join.

After you make each list, take a look at it and see if there is more you can add. Don’t criticize or edit your lists as you move along. As you continue with the process you will start seeing a theme and start recognizing your priorities.

Working with small steps, noticing what you achieved and having clarity will be greatly motivational to launch a powerful 2023.

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