As a result of Terry Berland’s Commercial Acting Workshop I met my fantastic talent agent. Since taking the workshop in 2015, I’ve booked 50+ commercials and most recently a recurring animation series. If you’re looking to break into the business, or advance your career, Terry Berland Workshops should be your first stop.

Oscar Balderrama

The first commercial acting class I ever took was with Terry Berland, and I was so lucky to have found such a great class on my first try! I learned tools, like how to utilize improv in the audition room, that not only have helped me book commercial auditions, but theatrical ones as well.

Adriana Adler

Terry Berland’s commercial acting workshop was by far the best class I have taken in years. Terry broke down the process of acting in commercials into very specific parts and put us on camera so we could see the difference after her instruction. The improvement I made was remarkable. I signed with a new agent in less than a month after completing the workshop.

Christine Harte

I can not recommend Terry’s Commercial Acting Workshop highly enough. Terry makes the class all about YOU – YOUR skills, YOUR growth, YOUR career – so that you get maximum benefit from her experience as a casting director. You learn what is REALLY needed to ace that audition. I got signed with an agent right after completing the class.

Dave Faulkner

“I am thankful to have discovered your class when I did. There is a wonderful balance of critique and encouragement in your class and the environment is so supportive. I learned a lot that I am now able to take into the audition room. I also got signed with an agent right after the workshop.”

Brandy Zapatta

“I had taken many commercial acting classes before in NYC, but Terry really gave me an in-depth understanding of how the audition process works, not just from the perspective of an actor, but also from that of a casting director. I learned how to use the camera frame to help my performance, personalize the text, as well as methods to conquer interview and improv style auditions. Immediately afterwards, I received callback after callback for national commercials.”

Brian Chin

“Your class far exceeded my expectations! It was jam-packed with practical information that I began using immediately. I got a call-back on my very next audition! For the first time in my 10+ years in the business, I feel in control of the audition. Wow!”

Detroit Flanagan

“I learned so much and am much more prepared for the commercial casting process and all thanks to Terry Berland!  She was so up front and honest. I really appreciate all the great information, tips, and opinions she shared.  I even got agency representation after the workshop.”

Chelsea Kwoka

“The very first week after finishing Terry’s class, I got a call back. Terry’s class gives more than just the standard and the obvious. It teaches growth and development of an actor’s creativity. It identifies special, unique strengths that each individual actor, can emphasize and personally capitalize on to get more callbacks and bookings.”

Lyn Lewis

“My experience taking Terry’s commercial class was life changing for my acting career. The way I broke down copy and delivered it to camera will be forever changed thanks for the training I received from Terry. I learned commercial pace, what works for me on camera and what doesn’t work for me, and also learned how to add my own unique style to all commercial copy. I am tremendously grateful for Terry because of her guidance and teachings.”

Ronnel Ricardo Parham

“Terry Berland’s workshop changed my commercial acting completely, she gives you all the insightful tips and adjustments you need and helps you master and use your essences in your reading. She’s understanding, fun, very helpful and always wants the best for you. I always walked out of class happy and with new confidence in myself. Right after taking Terry’s workshop I signed with a great agent. Thank you, Terry!”

Naro Poli

“Terry is a wonderful teacher who knows how to peel away what is getting in the way of you being you in the audition room. Everyone is given individual coaching and enough practice to leave energized every week.”

Brian Andries

“I loved every minute of Terry Berland’s 6 Week On-Camera Commercial Workshop. Terry is an incredibly giving, wonderful instructor who truly cares about her students and wants them to succeed. Terry creates an honest, encouraging environment that immediately propels everyone in the class to want to take risks and to allow their own unique personalities to shine through. Each week I came away more confident and with another valuable gem that I could apply to any type of audition that I might encounter. I not only came away with powerful tools and a technique that I can count on, right after the workshop I signed with a fabulous agent! I can’t thank you enough, Terry. Your class was exactly what I was looking for.”

Susan Hanfield

“Taking Terry’s six week course gave me the competitive edge I needed to excel in this business. One week after completing her course, I implemented my newfound knowledge and booked a role in a feature. Terry Berland has a gift of cutting through all the superfluous information, getting to the core, and pulling out breakthroughs in all her students. Working with Terry provided me with a safe space to pull out the real me in an audition. Since taking her six week course, I have succeeded in ways I had only dreamed of.”

Andres DeRond

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